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These Encapsulated PostScript pictures are designed to be embedded in other document to make do-it-yourself calendars. They are arbitrarily scalable. Take a look at this step by step tutorial if you are new to using embedded pictures. Here are the samples of the monthly and yearly calendars in PDF format. Please note that most low end printers do not support PostScript directly. The ghostscript package may be needed to print the files correctly. Optional Windows preview, if selected, allows Windows to show the calendar while inserting it into a document. This helps in better positioning the calendar and other elements, especially if you want to add personal notes over the calendar or to cover portions of the calendar such as the title. The preview also may allow the calendar to be printed by a non-PostScript printer but with reduced quality. However, adding a preview will significantly increase the download size. If you are using Microsoft Office XP or Office 2003, preview will not be useful. Those versions of Office will ignore any preview and use its own rendering engine to create one. Since that engine is not full featured, in some cases you can only see some frames for the calendar pictures, which may be good enough to add personal notes on a monthly calendar. The insertion may simply fail in other cases forcing you to use PNG picture instead. Office 2000, Office 97 and applications do use the preview.

All 12 monthly and the yearly calendars for this and next year are available in simplified characters in the following Zip archives (approximately 110 KB each without preview, or 660 KB each with preview):

You can also, for any year from 1645 to 7000, get the EPS picture of Chinese calendar for any given Gregorian calendar month or year:

Character type:       Simplified Characters        Traditional Characters

Preview option:       No preview        Windows preview

Month Year

However, accuracy will gradually decrease beyond 300 years from the Year 2000. For historical years, the returned calendar is accurate to astronomical events during that period but in a few cases may be different from what was actually used since the algorithms used in those times were less accurate.

Please note that the lunar month(s) in month header refers to new lunar month(s) to start in that solar month unless there is no new lunar month in that solar month in which case the header refers to the current running lunar month.

When you are prompted to save the returned EPS calendar, please use .eps as file extension if it is not yet shown as the suggested one.

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