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These PNG or JPEG images are dynamically converted from the Encapsulated PostScript pictures and thus have the same appearance. Since these images are natively supported by web browsers, these files should be much easier to view than the EPS versions and do not require any Chinese fonts as opposed to the HTML table versions. Due to browser auto scaling, the higher resolution images may appear terrible. Viewing at original resoultion or with an image editing applicaion will yield expected results. One disadvantage of image calendars is that the file sizes of the images are much larger than the PDF or EPS versions. The advantage is that an image can be embedded easily into other documents. Of the two formats, PNG images are smaller and have transparent background. It is better to use a photo printing application to control the size of an image calendar if it is to be printed directly. You can also use the Design Your Own Chinese Calendar application to create a monthly or yearly PDF calendar with a picture of your choice.

You can, for any year from 1645 to 7000, get PNG or JPEG format Chinese calendar for any given Gregorian calendar month or year:

Character type:       Simplified Characters        Traditional Characters

Resolution:       High, for quality printing       Medium, for printing       Low, for screen view

Image format:       PNG       JPEG

Month Year

However, accuracy will gradually decrease beyond 300 years from the Year 2000. For historical years, the returned calendar is accurate to astronomical events during that period but in a few cases may be different from what was actually used since the algorithms used in those times were less accurate.

Please note that the lunar month(s) in month header refers to new lunar month(s) to start in that solar month unless there is no new lunar month in that solar month in which case the header refers to the current running lunar month.

If the printed calendar shows broken strokes for some Chinese characters, it is often due to low print quality setting. Choosing best quality option in printer setup usually corrects the problem.

If you are prompted to save the returned file, please use .png or .jpg, depending on the selected image format, as the file extension if it is not yet shown as the suggested extension.

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