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This page utilizes the XML feature of ccal to allow user to create an annotated XML monthly calendar with a short reminder note for any day. The annotated XML calendar can be easily converted to full page PDF with a XSL-FO processor such as FOP using the ccalpdf.xsl style sheet. To faciliate the conversion to PDF, user can download a customized version of FOP. After unpacking it to desired folder, just drag the annotated XML calendar file and drop it onto the annotate.bat file and the PDF version will appear in the same folder as the XML calendar file. User can also specify a day to be holiday and it will be shown in red. A sample of the generated PDF calendar can be found here. You will need Java to run FOP. If you don't have Java already, it can be installed from

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Add reminder notes to desired days. Click the "" button below to enter notes for more days. There is a limit of 50 characters for notes. For notes in Chinese, please add a half-width space for every 10 characters to properly break the line.

Date Note Is Holiday

A simple way to save the returned XML calendar into a file is to right-click the XML content and select the view source option and then save the file from the source editor.

Valid years are from 1645 to 7000. However, accuracy gradually decreases beyond 300 years from Year 2000. For historical years, the returned calendar is accurate to astronomical events during that period but in a few cases may be different from what was actually used since the algorithms used in those times were less accurate.

Additional notes:

If you leave this page and come back, your notes may no longer exist. It may be a good idea to prepare the notes in a separate editor and then copy and paste into this page if you want to enter long notes for multiple days just in case any modification is needed.

Please note that the lunar month(s) in month header refers to new lunar month(s) to start in that solar month unless there is no new lunar month in that solar month in which case the header refers to the current running lunar month.

If the printed calendar shows broken strokes for some Chinese characters, that is often due to low print quality setting. Choosing best quality option in printer setup usually corrects the problem.

If you are prompted to save the returned file, please use .pdf as the file extension if it is not yet shown as the suggested extension. If you print through Adobe Acrobat, you may want to clear the "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" box. Otherwise, the page margins may be larger than necessary.

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