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Newly released ccal-2.5.3 with latest NOVAS-C code for improved accuracy.

This site provides printable and browsable Chinese calendar for any Gregorian (commonly used) calendar month and/or year since the last reform of the Chinese calendar in 1645 A.D.. Start by picking one of the formats on the upper left or read more for descriptions of them. EPS can be scaled and embedded in other documents. HTML is more readable on line. JPEG may be easier for embedding. PDF is easier for printing. One can also create a customized calendar with a picture of your choice or annotations and download the ccal program that computes the Chinese calendar.

Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar based on the motions of the sun and the moon as observed on the earth. While each month is determined by the moon and thus is lunar, the solar terms, or jieqi, are determined by the positions of the sun. That's why the date of the first day of a lunar month varies but the date of a solar term stays relatively fixed. Since the period of revolution for the moon around the earth and that of the earth around the sun are not exact multiples, it is necessary to add a leap month once in a while and the rules for adding a leap month is simple in principle but obscure to one without the required astronomical knowledge and difficult to compute and apply. The result is that few people know how to compute the Chinese calendar and the printed calendars are almost the sole source for most people to know the time of traditional Chinese holidays such as the Spring Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Now, there is an alternative. Through this site, you can:

If you are more interested in detailed background and technical information on Chinese calendar, you may want to check this site: The Chinese Calendar. For a conversion utility that coverts date between a number of calendar systems, the Calendrica Applet on the calendarists site is a good one.

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